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Adapting the Past:  Modifying Conceptual and Technical Precedents in Contemporary Tapestry
A Dialogue with the Past
Andean Meets Medieval European on the Streets of Manhattan: Susan Martin Maffei’s Tapestries

A Piece of String
Aesthetic Beauty/Artistic Beauty
Beyond Aesthetics: The Conceptual Quilts of Cherry Partee

Bringing It Home: Extracultural Experiences in the Art of Carolyn Price Dyer
Concerning the Gendered Body

Dersu Uzala: The Earth Awaits
Dissolving the Objective Grid: Cultural Excavations in the Work of Sharon Marcus
Earthy Aesthetics
Fertile Associations: The Tapestries of Shelley Socolofsky

Fragments of Memory
Imaging the Self

Notes from a visit to the Ratti Center, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Risk and the Creative Process
Seeking a Place for Contemporary Tapestry in Museum Collections
Shaped Coptic Tapestry
Tapestry, Text and Image
The Collaborations of Luis Lazo and Yael Lurie
The Nationalization of the French Tapestry Industry and the Formation of the Gobelins
The Tapestries of Elinor Steele

Book Reviews

A Legacy of Arctic Art
Championing Modern Tapestry
Imagining the Arctic
Looking North: Art From the University of Alaska Museum
The Coptic Tapestry Albums and the Archaeologist of Antinoé, Albert Gayet

The Longest Story Ever Told

Exhibition Reviews

Archaeologies: Structures of Time
Dialogues: Tapestry and Human/Nature
Sol Baekholt and the Oseberg Burial Ship
The Drawing Series
Teach Yourself
Unpacking the American Dream: Visual and Conceptual Strategies in the Work of Jane Richlovsky