Tapestries 2011-2023

Lattice, 48.5” x 25.5”

Color Explorations

Rising/Falling, 48” x 35.5”

Computer generated designs

In the fall of 2019, having just retired, I had a lot more time to be in my studio. I started experimenting a bit with woodling – doodling while weaving. I used my woodles to learn to weave patterns directly, by counting warp threads and weft passes. After the woodles, I began creating collaged, patterned designs in Photoshop. Most of the designs combine details from old textiles. My goal is to fuse the source material visually so that something new arises. The imagery from the source material is usually recognizable, but not necessarily obvious.

Swift, 50” x 30.5”

Boundless, 20.5″ x 10″
Reconsider 2, 23.5″ x 8″

Explorations in continuing themes

For Frida, 10″ x 7.75″

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Hanjin, 5″ x 15″